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3rd Dimension Design

3rd Dimension Design, LLC is a complete web design and development company. We build custom web applications for clients in addition to developing a variety of advanced proprietary web-based products and services.

We design our web systems with automated functionality that allows a system to manage itself, greatly increasing efficiency and scalability. Working as a project development and management network allows us to design innovative web services and continue to improve upon the web-system.

We strive to create the highest quality product to fulfill the specific needs of our clients and market opportunities.

Highest Quality Technology

We pride ourselves on using the latest technology available to build all of our systems.

Front-end web development: Utilize only W3C compliant HTML / CSS, Javascript / DHTML, XML / XSL, SML, and RSS. We handwrite all code for maximum efficiency.

Back-end programming: Utilize PHP and MySQL for dynamically driven websites and applications. Using only open-source code increases security, reliability, functionality, and development capabilities.

Creative Development: Design high quality original artwork and music for license-free content. We use Photoshop 8, Blender, Gimp, Macromedia Flash MX, Swift 3D, Acid Pro, Sonic Foundry, among other specialty programs.

Server Technology: We host on ultra-reliable web servers running FreeBSD that are located on a backbone carrier network in Manhattan. We have a direct relationship with our hosting company, BQ Internet, allowing us to build applications that require specialized server functionality.

We NEVER use off-the-shelf programs or script to build our web systems. Other web development companies employ the help of such programs as Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver to build front ends. These programs limit development options and produce very inefficient code. On the backside, we do not use ASP, .Net, Cold Fusion, or Microsoft Access. These scripts and accompanying proprietary database technology are limiting, unstable, insecure, and difficult to scale.

Our Strategic Advantages

Efficient Concept-to-Market System - By organizing our process of building proprietary and custom solutions we are able to maximize design/build efficiencies, producing quality web systems in a short period of time.

 Local Talent Pool - We have a close relationship with the University of Kentucky, from which our company was founded, and use our direct channels to find outstanding young talent to build our developer network.

 Developer Knowledge Base - We employ the best and brightest web developers and programmers that are life-long enthusiasts and proficient in all of the latest programming/coding techniques.

 Scalability - Our Developer Network expands and contracts as needed around our core development team, allowing us to contract work internally, reduce lead-time and multitask projects.

 Opportunity Focused - As a young and growing web products and services company we are constantly searching for new opportunities to expand our existing offerings as well as integrate new products and services.

 Can-Do Mentality - Our performance in the constantly evolving world of web development is measured by our ability to learn new techniques and technologies that give us the power to deliver cutting-edge web systems.

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