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Automotive Websites

Speed by Design

Speed by Design is a high-performance racing shop serving Eastern and Central Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia.  The services offered by Speed by Design include super and turbo charging, stoker motors, head and cam packages, nitrous sytems, custom tuning, headers and exhaust, clutch packages, drive train upgrades, and any other upgrade or package desired by a car enthusiast.  If you're in the car or racing industry and need a website, check out SpeedByDesign.us and then contact 3rd Dimension Design.

Rim Tyme

 Rim Tyme of Lexington has a new website.  3DD has recently wrapped on the development of the wheel and tire seller.  The site features a 3DD custom website design, CMS, and new ecommerce and product module.  If you are looking to customize your ride, Rim Tyme has got you covered.  The show room on New Circle rd has the newest models of rims and if you just want to browse check out AllcustomWheels.net

Racing Technology


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