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Educational Websites

kNOw More Nonprofits

What would happen if there were no more non-profits?  This question, among others, is asked and answered by the Kentucky television show kNOw More NonProfits.  kNOw More Nonprofits needed distribution channels, such as public television and social media and contacted 3rd Dimension Design to create their website.  If your nonprofit needs a website, or you need an effective way to promote a DVD, book, or product, contact 3DD today.

On Butterfly Wings

On Butterfly Wings is an entertaining, environmental, and educational children's DVD for ages three to six.  The DVD focuses on raising a child's consciousness of the natural world and the interconnectedness of all living things.  Visit OnButterflyWings.net for more details.  If you have a DVD or book to promote or need an educational website, please contact 3rd Dimension Design.

Forever My Daddy

The book Forever My Daddy was written by Dr. Michael Joyner to advance the cause of fathers who, despite divorce, are dedicated to spending time with and raising their children.  The book is also intended to help other fathers find their voice and renew their courage to overcome the obstacles to fuller participation in the lives of their own children.  If you need a website to promote your product or concept, such as ForeverMyDaddy.com, please contact 3rd Dimension Design.

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