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Advanced Web Applications

Student Tracking Management System

This web application helps 3 or more companies process and manage over 6,000 students through a 5+ stage process. This web system includes complete email and fax communication tools, management summary reports, cost calculations, and more. This tool will save hundreds of hours of time per year with more accurate tracking and a large productivity gain.    

Gray Construction Quality Control/Quality Assurance System

Web application designed to streamline quality control processes on major commercial construction projects nationwide. This system has the unique feature of working entirely offline to allow project managers to use the system in remote areas.

Vision Network Websites


This powerful E-commerce web application provides the cutting edge in Personal Marketing and Career Development. The website allows users to build their own personal website from over 100 templates and include a variety of multimedia files.


VP targets the entertainment industry and provides portfolio styled websites for individuals with talent to show off. This E-commerce site includes a searchable directory of models, ability to build portfolios with up to 28 images or multimedia files, and an accompanying management tool for modeling and talent agencies.


This web application the dynamic management tool for organizations to use to monitor, control and search through thousands of individual Vision-Résumé websites through the web-based system. Official launch for this system is summer 2006.

Advanced Modularized Websites


The Navy Seals are going on tour and will be outfitted with an advanced website that features content management, website membership signup, member profiling, flash video and more.


In Kentucky, nothing is bigger than basketball. High school basketball culminates at the annual Sweet 16 tournament in Lexington, KY in March. 3DD is designing a powerful interactive website with several advanced features, including; content management, online contests, voting on photographs, flash media player with voting and playlist control, SMS text messaging signup, integration with real-time score keeping and much more.


2 Guys Talk Sports in an early venture into the templated Special Interest website. This website currently features a media player and content management, and will soon include a way for individuals to become members, chat with one another and subscribe to exclusive content. Look for much more development on this website. Thanks to Prosper Media Group for all of the video editing.


Comprehensive Consulting provides medical utilization review services for a number of large and small firms in Louisville, KY. This website features content management, newsletter tool and the first implementation of our client account manager.

Generation 1 Projects

UK Von Allmen Center

Website for the Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship and the University of Kentucky. This website includes a content control manager for user updating.

Everlast Customs.com

Website designed for Everlast Custom Hauling. Website includes full design, audio integration and Flash multimedia.

Lean Associates.com

Lean Associates Website. Brochure website development.

Nolido Band Site

Brochure website for the band, Nolido; based in Lexington KY.

Lexington Venture Club

Lexington Venture Club.com is a website for the LVC networking group in Lexington, KY. This website will be used to keep a running archive of entrepreneur presentations, meeting information and opportunities around the region. It features a content management system with multiple users.

Bowman Property

Bowman Property Solutions. Brochure and communication tool for property owners and buyers.

UK Department of Communication

Website for the University of Kentucky Communication's Department.

Knight Electronics and Design

Knight Electronics and Design. Brochure website development.
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