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Responsive Layout


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Bemedispa.com now has a responsive home page - tailored to tablet devices and touch screen access.

Over the last year website standards are becoming more and more complex.  Users are accessing websites with many more types of devices than in the past.  It isn't uncommon for a user to reach a website on their mobile phone or tablet.  As a result it is difficult to design a site that will work for each unique device.  Responsive website design allows users to gain a unique layout depending on the size of the screen, thus resolving design conflicts. 

What makes the design responsive is that the design actually changes based on the dimension of the device viewing it.  For example if a user is viewing the site on a tablet in portrait view, the layout will be one way, but if they change the orientation to landscape, then the design changes to fit the new view. 

Additionally tablets and touch screens have changed the way people interact with websites.  Buttons should be designed so that they can easily be cliced with a finger instead of a mouse.  This means a larger click area.  

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