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2012 News

March Madness 2012

It is March Madness and boy is it impossible to live in Kentucky and not get excited.  Both the UK Mens bball team as well as U of L Mens team are in the final four and the UK Womens team have just made it to the ELITE 8!  CONGRATS to those outstanding young athletes!

Of course the ball court isn't the only place exciting this March, 3DD is involved with many new clients and projects that have made this a tremendous March! Click to view more >>

February 2012

Though it's only February, we have already begun our Spring cleaning at 3rd Dimension Design. We have redesigned our website, www.3rddimensiondesign.com, to give it a clean, fresh look. We were tired of the dark color palette and decided to lighten it up to (hopefully) attract new 3DD clients. We also simplified and cleaned up the text so that the content is more easily digested by those seeking basic information about the services offered by 3DD. Click to view more >>

January 2012

The changing of the calendar brings with it the hopes and aspirations for a better business year.  If one of your resolutions is to attract more customers, increase your internet presence, or update your general marketing scheme, then 3rd Dimension Design is able to help!  Click to view more >>

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