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3rd Dimension Design is one of the most versatile and experienced photography companies in Central Kentucky.  We work with all types of companies, from small businesses to large corporations, and capture images to be used in marketing, web, and social media.

Our areas of specialization include:

  • Business Environmental Portraits:  A creative solution for companies looking for a way to highlight their talented staff with more than a traditional headshot.  These images give a hint of the person and the professional work environment.
  • Business Head Shots and Portraits
  • Food, Beverage, and Restaurant Photography:  We love food, eating it and photographing it.  Whether you are a restaurant or have a food or beverage product, we can shoot irresistable images for your patrons and customers.
  • Industrial Photography:  Let your photographs tell the story of what you do or what you make.
  • Marketing and Product Launch Events:  Ensure you have images of your corporate event or product launch to use on your website and in newsletters and other printed materials.
  • Construction Photography
  • Corporate Photography:  Whether you want a 'serious business in action' or 'friendly business working for you' approach, we provide business photography for annual reports, press releases, corporate PR, proposals, and general marketing materials.

If you need professional photography and are unsure how to proceed, please contact us to discuss your professional photography options.

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By Mail:
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Lexington, KY 40533-8825

By Phone: 859.373.1888