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Custom Web Applications and Business Tools

Example: Gray Construction QAQC

The Problem

Build a Quality Assurance / Quality Control web application to allow construction site superintendents to manage and track quality control issues.  The system  must operate securely both online and offline.


Our Solution

This system is built on a dynamic platform that allows the user to build and change an entire project without any server interaction until the user is online. Using real-time graphic reporting of system data one can analyze trends and identify problems. Low bandwidth optimization offers smooth operation on ultra-slow internet connections.


  • Javascript application
  • Functions seamlessly without any internet connection
  • Automatic XML HTTP requests
  • Automated synchronization of local data with remote server database
  • Integrated communication tools
  • User access control for projects and permission levels
  • Trend reporting and analysis

Example: CRST STMS

The Problem

CRST International of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in conjunction with Creative Lodging Solutions of Lexington, KY needed to manage the training and lodging of truck driving students.


Our Solution

Construct a user-friendly web application allowing teachers to enter student data via the web and manage attendance. Emails and faxes are sent by the server based on key events and data is automatically archived on a timely basis.

The Web Application Design/Build Process

1. Summary discussion of problem or opportunity with top management
Objective: Gain a clear understanding of what management wants to accomplish


2. Internal company discussion and research plan
Objective: Determine research needs and begin to brainstorm solutions


3. Roundtable discussions with relevant users and system administrators
Objective: Learn about current situation and/or opportunity, asking a lot of questions


4. Internal brainstorming based on learned obstacles and opportunities
Objective: Out-of-the-box problem solving and analysis


5. Presentation of ideas in roundtable discussion
Objective: Get feedback on ideas to choose direction of project


6. System refinement and formal planning
Objective: Plan logic and layout of entire system


7. Presentation of system design with roundtable and top management
Objective: Present our system design, plan of attack, and project estimate


8. Begin work on system
Objective: 25% payment to begin work


9. Progress reports every 2-4 weeks
Objective: Present progress to roundtable and gain additional feedback


10. Beta version testing
Objective: Allow users to test system and help locate any remaining bugs


11. System integration and launch
Objective: Transition current organization system to incorporate new system


12. Follow-up servicing and training
Objective: Ensure proper use of system and service any problems with system


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